Nice to meet you!

We are bookaMICE.

How it all began

Everything for us started somewhere between the intense desire to make life easier for those who organize an event and the desire to deliver an excellent experience.

At bookaMICE, we combine innovative technology and the expertise of various professionals and suppliers to transform the holding of events into a less stressful activity and at the same time meticulous in its details.

We cultivate transparency at every stage of our service delivery and in the relationship with our customers, staff and suppliers.

ícone com pessoas trabalhadoras em diferentes partes do mundo

bookaMICE is global

bookaMICEwas created in an innovative and collaborative spirit. We are a global company that has a multicultural, open and flexible environment.

It is an inspiring company that seeks to offer products and services that really bring a positive impact on the lives of people who work with events.

What does bookaMICE mean

The company name (bookaMICE) was created to identify our main activity, which is to organize and schedule a space for different types of events.

We combine the terms “book”, “a” and the international acronym “M.I.C.E” which stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conferencesand Exhibitions.

Giff que explica o que é o MICE no nome da bookaMICE

But after all, what do we do?

We advise companies and institutions toplan and organize meetings and business meetings, incentives, conferences and fairs.

We do this by building workflows, creating models, and developing our community beyond our wildest dreams.

We experience first hand how much we can accomplish when we really work together.

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Do you have an event space and want to expand your business?

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